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Programs for Grades  9-12

Our High School rape prevention curriculum covers a range of topics including: gender stereotypes, consent, legal definitions, and by-stander intervention techniques. This presentation usually happens over the course of 3 days.

The first day of our current program outlines:

  • The difference between sex & gender
  • Discussion of the many gender stereotypes that can contribute to sexualized violence.
  • -trafficking and relationship violence

The second day begins with an outline of:

  • California legal definitions of rape & sexual assault
  • A short film viewing and a conversation about sexualized violence in the film.

The final day of our current program focuses on:

  • -by-stander intervention with the goal of empowering students to help each other out if they witness a potential moment of harm.

As with our other educational programs, the topics brought forward in each class can be specially tailored to fit student needs. 

Contact our Prevention Education Department to schedule a class or learn more about what we offer, or fill out the interest form below and submit via email.


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