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Programs for Grades Pre K-8

The  Child  Abuse  Prevention  Program (CAPP) believes that children of all ages and abilities should be supported in learning how to recognize and deal effectively with potentially unsafe situations. While we believe that the safety of children is always the responsibility of adults, we teach children how to assert themselves if their personal safety is at risk and encourage them to identify trusted adults in their lives. The program focuses on bullying and peer conflict resolution, safety with strangers and safety with people they know. CAPP successfully gears itself to each student’s level of ability and comprehension, including programs specifically designed for students with special needs. The personal safety information is presented to students in a positive, non-threatening manner with the goal being empowerment of the student to feel that they could say  NO, GO AWAY, and TELL  a trusted adult if someone is making them uncomfortable or frightened. Each workshop is followed by ‘Talk Time’ where students are offered a voluntary chance to speak to educators in order to review prevention skills or problem-solve situations.

Our middle school curricula includes age appropriate discussions about the prevention of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, bullying, and sex trafficking. We also discuss attitudes and behaviors within relationships.

As with our other educational programs, the topics brought forward in each class can be specially tailored to fit student needs.

Contact our Prevention Education Department to schedule a class or learn more about what we offer, or fill out the interest form below and submit via email.


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